Ghaemmaghami Family
Mirza Ali-Asghar Ghaemmaghami (Baseer-ol-Edaleh)
This site belongs to a distinguished branch of the Ghaemmaghami family under Mirza-Abolghasem Ghaemmagham Farahani, the Prime Minister (Grand Vizier) of Iran during the reign of Mohammad Shah of the Qajar dynasty, starting in 1835, and one of the greatest Iranian poets and writers over the whole history of the ancient Iran (Persia). This branch of the Ghaemmaghami family-tree shaped under Mirza-Ali-Asghar Ghaemmaghami (Baseer-ol-Edaleh), the third generation of the family under Ghaemmagham. He married Ehteram-Siadeh and had two sons, Esmaeel and Abolfazl, and five daughters, Taj-Siadeh, Ashraf-Sadat, Ghamar-Sadat, Shams-Sadat, and Homayoon.

The site is created and maintained by Shahrokh Ghaemmaghami, the first son of Esmaeel Ghaemmaghami. 
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